Friday, April 22, 2016


Enjoy the weekend!

I'm tinkering on getting one of the "USB Dongle" SDR receivers to work on the %%##$$!! Polaroid Android (say that three times fast!) tablet that my dear little wife gave me for Christmas.

After that, there are several software packages I'll try and install to do some useful things, like receive ACARS broadcasts and VTS info.

I'd also like to "root" it, but after spending dozens of hours on trying to do that, I've just about given up.

I was able to get "developer's access" rights on it, but I can't find any rooting software that's compatible with the hardware.

I just might sell this one and get one that's known to be rootable, as theses things come with entirely too much crapware on them,and most of the "factory installed" stuff can't be removed without root access.


  1. If one were looking for a good android tablet to run the things that aren't in the Apple ecosystem, what would you consider? Probably not top of the line, just a solid performer.

  2. I'm not sure. I haven't really looked for a nice "hackable" one yet.

    If I can get the SDR stuff to run on the Polaroid, I'll probably keep it, as it was "free".

    Otherwise I'll start seriously looking.

    The batteries on it are charging now. After the last time I (tried to) play with it, I got so disgusted I just dumped it on the desk, and the battery died.....

  3. I've been usung this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for a few months now, and have to say it's not too bad. I haven't tried other OS,though. It was a freebie that the local carrier gave away with the iPhone 6.


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