Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm Such a Klutz......

Well....yesterday morning as I was having my 2nd cup of coffee, I turned around to do something, and dumped coffee over.

ALL over the desk, and my IBM "clicky" keyboard.

I've lost keyboards in the past when I've spilled various liquids on them, but hopefully the IBM will survive plain, black coffee after it dries out.

It really pained me to open up my last brand-new IBM keyboard, and put it into service, but I don't have any other decent keyboards with a PS2 connector, so I slit the plastic wrap open and put it on the desk.

The worst I've ever done was dumping an entire milkshake on a keyboard a year or two ago. I put that one in the dishwasher (I have a very understanding wife!) on low heat, with no supplemental drying heat, and after it came out I left it outside for a few days to completely dry off.

Surprisingly, it came back to life, very clean, and smelling nice, too.

Today is the 27th anniversary or the Turret #2 explosion on the Iowa. I was going to go down to the ship for the memorial service, but woke up a bit late.

A moment of silence, please.....

Thank you.


  1. Carry on as before, haze gray and underway.

  2. Yeah, I'm just glad I didn't sell this keyboard a few weeks ago on eBay.

    I bought several of these years ago, before they became "collectable", because they will literally last 20 years or more.

  3. I still wish I had a Northgate Omni-Key to type on. Still, my all-time favorite is the VT-100. Haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I'm fixin to buy some sort of mechanical keyboard one of these days. Possibly something from WASD. Quite a selection at Mechanical Keyboards as well.

    ESR has provided a good entry point to the rabbit hole of tactile keyboards.

  4. Oh, and my experience has been that keyboards survive black coffee quite well.

    1. Well, after sitting outside all day, it apparently survived getting a coffee bath.

      Wiped off, cleaned the keys, and it's back in service.

      They sure don't make 'em like this anymore!

      Well....they do, but they cost a small fortune.....


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