Thursday, December 3, 2015

More "Workplace Violence".....

I was going to do a "Colorado Wrap Up" post, and then the ugliness in San Berdoo took place.

It's amazing how fast the media has dropped this hot potato, no doubt due to the identity of the perps, and the glaring fact that it doesn't fit the official agenda.

And of course, the POS currently residing in our White House immediately spun another BLATANT LIE about how "People we won't let fly can walk into any gun store and buy a gun".

Not hardly......


  1. Obama feels that he supersedes the Constitution and that the only laws that need be obeyed are those that usher from between those blue, tobacco-stained lips.

  2. Clinton, Pelosi, Feinstein and Black Jesus all jumped on the "gun problem" issue before anybody knew what was going on. Now they've been made to look foolish by their own actions, so they are hammering on the "gun safety" laws they want to pass to distract people . I've been surprised at how seamless the propaganda by the major news networks has been to cover Obama's stupidity in this instance. They always try to do that, but this has been something of a different magnitude altogether.

  3. As usual they jumped the shark, except THIS time the shark is biting back... Terrorism


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