Saturday, November 28, 2015


BLECH........The Explorer wouldn't start this morning. Another hotel guest gave us a third jumpstart.

Plane to Salt Lake City was 45 minutes late arriving in Denver.

Our connecting flight was scheduled to depart 50 minutes after our scheduled arrival, and was one set of gates away.

We barely made it. We were literally the last two people to board the aircraft.

Then because that aircraft had been sitting most of the day at Salt Lake, where there were minor snow squalls moving through the area, it had to be de-iced again.

We left Salt Lake 45 minutes late......

So our "2100" arrival time in Long Beach wound up being about 2225....

I'll unpack tomorrow....I'm trashed......


  1. I was expecting you to tell us they had to get a jump start for the aircraft out of SLC. :)

  2. You're home in one piece, that's what counts! :-)

  3. Goes by fast, don't it pal? My wife (a teacher) was off for nine days and was shaking her head this morning saying asking where the time went.

    1. Yeah it does!

      My wife is glad to be home because she tends to get what her Doctor calls "Altitude Sickness".

      The last time we went there we took a trip to Pike's Peak, and at 14,000' I was winded after about 10 steps, but she did just fine!

  4. Welcome back! I strongly suspect that Explorer has some piece of jimcrackery or other that doesn't shut off. Our Escape has keyless entry, and nary a problem so far.
    Good luck with the house search & the narrowing-down thereof.


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