Sunday, November 22, 2015

RATS! I Hosed My Windoze PC......

WELL....I thought I knew what I was doing.

In getting ready for our trip to Colorado, I wanted to check and see if there were any updates for the Magellan RoadMate we use when traveling. Since the Magellan Account Manager software is on the Windoze PC I use for all my Ham Radio stuff, I fired it up and proceeded to do all the updates that come with leaving a Windoze PC turned off for more than a few days.

Update MalwareBytes? Check!

Update AVG Free Antivirus? Check!

Update Adobe Acrobat Reader? Check!

Windoze Update? Uh-oh...there's the little "Get Windows 10!" icon in the task bar. Hmm...thought I got rid of that?

So, I "Search Installed Updates" for KB3035583 update, find it (I must have forgotten to hide it before), and uninstall it.

It requires a reboot, and then the fun starts.....

The PC goes through POST, Windows starts, then immediately goes to the Windows Error Recovery screen, and fails with an 0xc00000e9 "An unexpected I/O error has occurred" error, indicating that Windoze can't "reliably communicate" with the hard disk......

Since we're leaving tomorrow morning at 0500, this will have to wait until our return.

I used the laptop I'm taking with me to check the RoadMate for any updates, and there were none, so this whole exercise was moot.


  1. I have had similar issues with windows updates. I don't plan on going to Windows 10 until I have to.

    1. After the Grand Fiasco with my wife's granddaughter's PC that took me a WEEK to get back to Windows 8.1, I will NEVER "upgrade" another PC to Windows 10!

  2. It seems we're the exception: converted my laptop to Win 10 when it first became available, and it went flawlessly. I did take Borepatch's recommendations on how to turn off the data-mining apps, though.

    1. And if anybody has a PC running Win 7, 8, or 8.1, you should do the same thing as Micro$oft is "back-dooring" the super snooper data mining programs into their older Operating Systems as well!

  3. Cool, you'll be sort of in my neighborhood. If you'd be up for a 2M QSL, we could try the W0ENO machine in Longmont at 147.270, which I think I should be able to hit. Well, particularly if I switch the FT100 to the J-pole. The 145.310 could work too.

    Bummer about the PC. Definitely a WTF moment.

    I'm reachable via Intermountain Repeater Group

    1. Hi, Jed

      WELL......I forgot to pack an HT with me!

      And I don't think the YF would approve of a side-trip to HRO in
      Denver to get one....


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