Friday, November 27, 2015

A Few Pictures From Thanksgiving Day

These are from when we went to pick up the kids.

Their little house is actually in Bellvue, Colorado, very close to Laporte, which is where we're looking for houses.

My stepson greeting my wife:

A neighbors house:

Our rental car, which required a jump start here. No idea why the battery appeared dead. When I started it again up in Cheyenne, the Ford "Sync" screen appeared on the previously dead entertainment center, and announced "Performing required system maintenance".
The car's been OK since then.

Looking out to the East:

Neighbor's house on the North:

So far we've had a great time. It was good to see our future in-laws again, and catch up with thwm on what's been going on here.


  1. Boy, that's a lot of white sand all over everything. :-)

    1. Yeah, but it all disappears once the temp goes above 32*F!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, but as Terry implies, to me as a Floridian, it's both beautiful and foreboding. I'd love to be there, but I don't know what I'd do. People drive in that stuff?

    The idea of putting something outside to freeze, and be as cold as my freezer, is so foreign I can't convey it.

    1. One of the reasons why an automotive environment is considered one of the most hostile for electronics.

      AND....the damn thing needed another jumpstart at the kids place this afternoon.......

  3. Nice country roundabout those parts, Jim. That's what we looked like until a few days ago when the warm winds & rain blew in. All the snow's gone now, but the rain left behind lots of black ice due to the frozen ground.

    Relax & enjoy!


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