Sunday, December 6, 2015

I "Fixed" My Windoze PC

WELL....thinking about this, I decided to pull the AC plug from the UPS for a few minutes to let the power supply completely discharge, which completely turns the PC off.

Most newer PC's actually don't turn "off", in much the same way that a newer TV never turns completely "off", since the TV needs some circuitry alive 24/7 to detect the commands from the remote.

PC's are similar in the the power switch doesn't disconnect the power like it did in the old "AT" days, but rather puts the PC into a very deep sleep, and brings it back up when the "power" button is pressed.

Sure enough, after being unplugged for a few minutes it got past the POST error, and began to boot into Windoze.

Since I'd attempted to restart it numerous times after the error first appeared, it had some corrupted files, so I let Windoze search for the problems, and selected "Continue" when it offered to restore the system to it's last known operating state.

Now I'll re-do all the updates that I installed before we went to Colorado for Thanksgiving, and *carefully* nuke all the "Get Windows 10!!" spyware that the mothership installs.

And this time, when it wants a reboot, I'll do a complete shutdown, unplug it for a few minutes, and then bring it back up!


  1. Does it need a new BIOS battery? Yeah, sounds kind of dumb to suspect that, but I have seen bizarre boot errors that were fixed by replacing it.

    Of course, I've also replaced both a motherboard and power supply to fix what I now think was just a bad pin on the AT molex connector. So my diagnotic chops aren't always quite up to par. OTOH, I can build a 2nd benchtop supply - not that I need one, but I'm keeping the PS around, just in case. Yeah, the MB went into a box too.

  2. The battery is fine.

    What I've noticed in some of these newer PC's with the UEFI BIOS is that sometimes they get stuck in some weird mode, usually Windows related, and that unplugginf them for a few minutes clears the problem.

  3. Damn, no hammers involved then.
    I don't know crap about computers but the wifely unit has let slip I am getting a new laptop finally for Christmas.
    Of course it will be pre loaded with Windows 10, which I am not the least bit interested in.

    I am going to have to figure out how to partition that bitch off and install a Linux product and then encrypt the whole shebang.

    For me, this is going to be a monumental task but I will get it done eventually.

    1. Any of the current Linux distributions will partition the disk per your size requirements, and set up a dual-boot process for you.

      I use OpenSUSE, but there are may other distros you can use.

  4. Since upgrading to Win10, my laptop won't finish a re-start. But if I turn it off, wait a minute, and then back on ... why, then it boots up just fine. Your graphic is spot on!

  5. Sigh... I keep getting that damn prompt... I ignore it


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