Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yard Work Weekend

Not exactly my favorite thing to do, but it needed to get done.

Bought some sand and topsoil, and filled in all the new "dog holes" that one of the two has been digging.

I also dumped some Cayenne Pepper on the areas hoping that if "The Digger" gets a snoot full, he/she won't do it again.

As of the discovery of any new holes gets a random Paw Check when they come in the house, and with no likely perps found, I hope the pepper works.

Trimmed back our lemon tree, which actually started from some dropped seeds years ago. It's not very big, but grows like a weed.

And like the video somebody had posted a week or so ago, watching a dog play with a lemon is pretty funny. Pebbles loves to play ball, and since the lemons are fairly round, and roll nicely, she has a lot of fun until she chomps down on one.

Did the pooper-scooper routine as it was my week to do it.

Push broomed the driveway inside the gate and the side walks, as these guys go blasting around the back yard at about Mach 2.5, tearing out any weak grass, and scattering it everywhere in their vortex.

I went to water the back yard the other day and found my new $12 garden hose nozzle chewed up beyond belief, so got another one of those.

NOTE TO SELF: Pick up the nozzle off the ground when done using, and don't let it dangle on the hose end where they can get at it!

And did a few more sundry things like blasted all the front driveway and walkway cracks with RoundUp to kill the grass starting to grow out of them. One of these days I suppose I should patch the big cracks in the driveway. The problem with that is that whoever poured our driveway didn't use any metal mesh/rebar in's just a slab of concrete about 2" think, and as it settled, it cracked.

I don't even want to think about the cost of busting it up, hauling it away, and having it done properly. I have better thing to spend $5000 on than a new driveway!


  1. Sounds like a story book weekend in Suburbia.

    I got a visual of the old Road Runner cartoons when you describes the dogs rushing around with a vortex behind them ;).

  2. Yep, just "Another Pleasant Valley Sunday".

  3. The idea of dogs playing with lemons humors me greatly!!!!

  4. +1 to your comment about "just another Pleasant Valley Sunday" - an under-appreciated classic.

  5. I'm a big fan of the Monkees. If you know their history, you'll see that they really did break their TV Network bonds, and gained a lot more creative freedom after they got rid of Don Kirshner.


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