Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sun's Magnetic Field Is About To "Flip"

Oh, boy....wonder what the loonies will do when they here about this...


But then again, it doesn't have the media value of "Carrington Events" (Remember "Ellie" from "Deep Impact"?) that never occurred, or "Massive CME Ready To Wipe Out Humanity", or any of the other pseudo-science that the products of the public "education" system take as Gospel from the 6pm Talking Heads that can't even see through a bad joke about Asian aircraft pilot names.


Anyway....go here to read the article. This is nothing new, and is associated with the Sun's activity during the solar cycle.



  1. It's actually kind of sad. It means this awfuly meager little peak we're at really is solar max. So much for DXCC on 6m (without moonbounce or anything but the F layer).

    SiGraybeard @ work

  2. Yeah, Cycle 24 has been a big bust. Had some good propagation, but nothing like the previous years I've been on the air.

  3. You already covered the "OMG-we're-all-gonna-die" response, so what is there left to say?

    I think I'll make some coffee. :^)

  4. yuk-yuk!

    I'd better be careful, or I'll start sounding like the lamestream media....


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