Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smith - "Baby It's You"

Great oldie cover tune, and she's actually singing it!

Gayle McCormick was quite a singer, but man, does that headband ever date this video!


  1. What was that ... the year you were born? (/snark)

    To be fair, I was 14 that year. Never cared for the headband thing. Good song, though.

  2. What, the pants, the mics, the background, the band's hairstyle does not? Does not matter. Its timeless and awesome. Thanks for that one!

  3. Actually, I was born in 1951!

    I saw these guys several times, and we had them for 2nd billing at a junior college concert I helped set up.

    The next year we had Cold Blood as second billing for the same fall concert.

    The headliner was The Buckinghams one year, and the Young Rascals the second year.

  4. Oldie but a goody, and those headbands were nuts!!! But they were the 'in' thing because of the long hair!


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