Wednesday, August 21, 2013

meh....Got Nuthin' Today

Went to my friend's internment with my wife, and then crawled around on the Battleship Iowa helping to inventory all the radio gear still in the racks.

Drank FOUR bottles of water, and didn't go to the restroom once.

It's HOT down on the third deck where the transmitter room is!


  1. That's "head", landlubber.

    Okay, I've got nuthin', either.

  2. Well, it would be if the heads on the ship were working!

    The Port of Los Angeles finally got the sewer line connected, but since there's no potable water connection yet, the heads are not available.

    We have to use the Port-A-Potties set up in the parking lot, but at least they have a few reserved for crew use only.

    And we still don't have shore power, so everything on the ship is running off a huge genset in the parking lot. The lease fee and fuel for that are the largest expenditures in the budget.

  3. And the boat is shut down... Imagine in the Philippine Sea in July!!!

  4. And the boat is shut down... Imagine in the Philippine Sea in July!!!

  5. In the engine room!

    The last time I went out on the Lane Victory, I took the engine room tour.

    Holy smokes, I thought I was going to croak! TWO boilers feeding a steam turbine makes for a warm, humid place. The nice thing about that tour is after we left the engine room we went down Shaft Alley, which cooled us all down.

  6. Oh there's plenty of water available, but I sweat it all out!

  7. USS IOWA in LA? Interesting. Hadn't heard about that. The picture at the top of my blog is one I took of the Iowa doing a 15 gun salvo (all 9 16in. & 6 5in.) during CENTAM Ops in '85.

  8. Yes, she's been moored in San Pedro for a little over a year now. I'm a "Plankowner" as I donated a certain amount before she was brought here, and I'm also a volunteer.

    At first there were several cities involved in the bidding to get the ship in a new home. San Francisco or Oakland, or some other place up yonder was bidding, but the liberals started crying about how they didn't want anything involving "war and violence" in their fair city, so they never submitted a complete proposal.

    Then they realized what a tremendous tourist draw it would be ($$$!), and started crying that they weren't given a "fair" opportunity to bid!

    Short version: She's here in Los Angeles now, and will be fully decommissioned in 2020. For now, we're not allowed to make ANY "permanent" modifications to her, and she could be aout at sea again in 6 months or less, if required.

    Several of the people involved wanted to fire up her boilers and drive her down here, but the insurance company said NO!!!

    They weren't even allowed to be on the ship while she was being towed down here.


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