Thursday, May 16, 2013


Geez....maybe I should start a "Drjim's Medical Blog"....

Anyway.....when I was showering up yesterday I noticed an area on my right bicep that was covered with little red "pimples". I didn't think too much about it, and went out for a short walk.

Still not up to the Grand Walking Tour of the neighborhood, but at least I can go down to the end of the street and back without any discomfort at all. Still not up to getting dragged around the block by one of the dogs, but we'll get there....

Sweet little wife came home about 1630, and sometime later I went into the bedroom to get the hand-carved bamboo back scratcher my Dad brought back from "somewhere" in the South Pacific during WWII.

As I was scratching my back through my shirt, I noticed my back felt "bumpy". I asked my wife to come look at it, and she said it looked like the worst case of measles she'd ever seen!

My back was covered in little red pimples/bumps, and was itching like crazy.

I called the Doctor's office (it was 1730 by now), and got the answering service who took down all the info, and then transferred me to an "ER Nurse" who took it all down again, asked me a bunch of questions, and (probably following a script or "expert system") said it didn't sound major, and to contact my Doctor directly ASAP, meaning this morning when the office was open.

About 30 minutes later, the Doctor's office called to say one of my insurance forms for work was completed, and I could pick it up. Since it was my Doctor's regular nurse, and I had him on the phone, I went ahead and told him about the hives. He checked his computer (the info from my call was already there!), and said he'd tell the Doctor.

About 2015, my Doctor called (does this poor guy ever sleep?), talked to me for a while, and decided to take me off Brilinta (Ticagrelor), and put me on Plavix (Clopidogrel).

He's  pretty sure that switching drugs will stop the allergic hives, as well as help with the shortness-of-breath I've been having.

And it's been FIVE WHOLE DAYS since I had a cigarette!

I still want a smoke, but my wife's decision to "allow" me (huh?) ONE can of Diet Coke per day has helped. Coming down off caffeine AND nicotine at the same time is NOT fun.

Oh, to the pharmacy. My stepson is going to drive me, even though I think I'm perfectly capable of driving the 1.8 miles round trip.

Gee...I could probably WALK it if I had to!


  1. If it doesn't get better very soon, it may be a return of your MRSA. It can present in the form you described above. It won't always look like your infected finger did.

    1. Didn't know a MRSA could present like that. I'll file that away in case I ever see it.

      As I told Rev. Paul, since I skipped the 8pm dose of Brilinta, the hives seem to have subsided enough to notice.

      I'm still waiting on the pharmacy to let me know the Plavix is ready.

      They were quite concerned that I was prescribed TWO different anti-platelet meds by two different Doctors. I called them and told the Pharmacist what was going on, and he instantly understood. Just waiting for the stepson's GF to get back so we can trundle off to the pharmacy.

    2. Glad it's gotten better, certainly not trying to wish it on you. I just remembered your issue a few weeks back and thought it was important enough to remind you.... just in case.

      Take care.

  2. 5 days is a big deal - congrats! I hope the med switch works; I had a bad reaction to one of my initial meds, too.

    Good luck, Jim.

    1. Yeah, even in the handout for all the new drugs I was prescribed, it mentioned that dosages would probably have to be adjusted, or medications possibly changed.

      Since I skipped the 8pm dose of Brilinta, the hives have subsided some, so it's looking like the Doctor was correct.

  3. Plavix just went generic - be very happy about that. My copay was pretty steep, but the generic isn't bad at all.

    And before you know it, it's six days, then seven and so on. Keep after it, buddy!

    1. The first one the hospital had me on, Brilinta, was NOT yet a generic, and my copay was $35.

      The Plavix was $5, like almost all of my other prescriptions.


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