Monday, May 20, 2013

Beretta To Leave Maryland And Kaliforniastan To Tax Ammunition

And I say good for them.

Read the whole thing here.

And my wife's retirement, and our departure from Kaliforniastan, grows closer each day.

Just hope we can hold out until then.

Kaliforniastan to tax ammunition.



  1. The states which have become so left-wing that the conservatives & manufacturers are leaving will soon resemble Detroit, writ large.

  2. That site also said that People's Republic of Kaliforniastan will order microstamping on new guns, thereby making all new guns illegal in the PRK.

    Microstamping: the million dollar machine defeatable with drug store nail file.

  3. Both suck... and Beretta IS leaving, and you will be too!

    1. Yeah, I had some hope for going to Colorado where "The Kids" will be, but since it's turned into "Commierado", I'm now hoping Wyoming, just across the border from Ft. Collins.

      Regardless, I know my wife won't like the weather.....she grew up in SoCal!

  4. Yeah, I forgot about the microstamping.

    What a JOKE!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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