Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hives Again........ARRRRGHH!

WELL....changing from Brilinta to Plavix didn't get rid of the hives, and the Prednisone hasn't done anything, either.

Since I have to drop by the lab today for some blood tests, I'll swing by the walk-in to see what they say.

I was up and down all night long, and I've got to stop scratching the damn things because I don't want to get an infection.

I'm gonna need an ocean,
Of Calamine lotion..............!


  1. Don't overdo the anointing of goo ...
    you'll heed the advice, 'cause it's good for you.

    Srsly, good luck at the walk-in clinic. My sister had hives a few years back, and finding the right treatment was problematic. But she finally get relief.

  2. Good luck with the clinic...

    1. This time of year (non 'cold and flu' season) they're pretty slow on Saturdays.

  3. Nice of anonymous to drop by and give you inspiration and words of wisdom.

    And geez, enough is enough, isn't it?!?!?

    1. OOOPs...missed that one.


      The gal doing the check-in recognized me as soon as she saw the name on the insurance card.

      The Doc I saw thinks my regular Doctor should extend the Prednisone a bit longer, but in the meantime gave me a prescription for some Hydroxyzine, a pretty stout antihistamine.

      I took one a about three hours ago, and the itch is a LOT less. It also makes me drowsy, so another one at 2000 or 2030 should make me sleep easy tonight.

      The night stand on my side is starting to look like a CVS outlet store!


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