Thursday, September 6, 2012

OpenSUSE 12.2 Released

I've been running Linux since about 1995, and various version of SuSE for just about as long. I've tried all of the major distributions, and a lot of obscure ones, and always kept coming back to Suse, now named OpenSUSE.
12.2 was released yesterday, and I downloaded it last night. Since I had a ton of files on the hard-disk in this machine, the easiest way (for me) to upgrade to the new release (I was running 11.4) was to just install another drive, do a clean installation on the new drive, and keep the drive that was running 11.4 as a secondary drive until I can get all my files transferred.
So far it's running just fine, but it'll take me a few days of tweaking it to get it to look like I want it to, and probably another week to get all the packages that I'm used to having installed.
The nice thing about Linux is that it's virtually immune to virus attacks, spyware, malware, and most of the other Bad Stuff floating around on the Web.


  1. I admire you for learning this. We tried years back but found out we had little time to learn it and make it work. It's funny how much faster time seems to go as you get older.

  2. Linux has gotten MUCH easier to use. When I first started, very few people had ever heard of it, and it was difficult to find packaged distributions at places like CompUSA. The first package I bought was Red Hat, and I used that for a while. Then when I was at CompUSA for something else, I looked on the shelf, and saw a new (to me) distribution from Germany called "SuSE". When I saw it included a bunch of Ham radio software, I bought it, installed it, and learned it. Even if you "know" Linux, most of the distributions will have some small differences and quirks, so I decided to stick with SuSE, and learn it inside-out.
    Today, if you want a very easy-to-use distribution, you have many choices. Ubuntu, Mint, and several others are 99.99% "Plug-and-Play". Way back when I got started, it took me a week to get my modem to work, and several days to figure out how to download Netscape using ftp so I had a browser to use. Everything was "Command Line" driven, and graphical tools for configuring the system were few and far between.


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