Saturday, September 1, 2012


Well, we were *supposed* to go see John Williams tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, but my leg has been acting up all day. Even though we get there early so we can park right across the street, we still have to walk quite a distance to where our seats are.
At least we found one of her friends who was delighted to get the tickets, so they didn't go to waste. She says she'll tell us how good the seats were, and how the show was.
As far as my work-related injury, I had my quarterly check-up on Wednesday, and my Doctor informed me that they are NOT allowed to examine or treat a work-related injury. So, after I got back (excellent check-up, btw), I spent TWO HOURS on the phone finding a place that I could deal with out of the dozens that are listed on the State Insurance Fund website.
I have an appointment with them on Tuesday at 3pm, and woe betide my employer if they give me any grief about leaving "early" to get to the appointment!



  1. Ah... The 'games' are beginning... You really need to stay on top of the situation, and make damn sure you have ALL the paperwork!

  2. Yeah, I'm not expecting this to be an easy process.
    I've worked there almost 6-1/2 years, spent 58 weeks at-sea, and never so much as had a cut finger.

  3. I don't envy you. I broke a bone while on duty a year or so ago. It was nothing serious, but the paperwork weighed more then what they put on it to keep it from moving.

  4. Yeah, the nice young lady I spoke to told me there was a 5-page packet I had to fill out just to get started.
    I think they make it such a PITA hoping that people will get so frustrated they just go away.

  5. Ditto on the lack of envy! I tore my subscapularis four years ago hitting the door post of the car that decided to take their half out of the middle while I was coming the other way on a blind corner on my motorcycle. It decides to act up out of the blue. I've got ice on it now. I used to eat naproxyn like candy after a drunk driver blew out my C5/6 disk 23 years ago. It doesn't work anymore. Ibuprofin 800 seems to work OK, but some folks can't handle that much. On the other hand my right shoulder goes bad on me for no reason at all. Getting old's a bitch. I use a body blade for low impact exercise to try to keep everything else toned, which tends to help. Holding the pressure washer over head to wash the eaves and outside of the gutters does NOT help, but nobody else is going to do it, and I'm too cheap to pay someone. So, I hold out until the Nag factor becomes the greater of two evils.

  6. yeah, the older I get, the more I realize how "fragile" we get.
    There's a project coming up next week where we have to determine if an antenna is bad, or if the trouble is in the cable feeding it. I'm bringing in some specialized gear I have here at home that we can check the cable with, but *somebody* has to climb up 60', inside the port smokestack, to get *to* the antenna so they can pull the cable off the antenna.
    The Tech they put in charge of it came up to me the other day and said "So, feel like lie climbing next week?".
    I think they could hear me laughing two buildings over....


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