Friday, September 21, 2012

Endeavour Came Home Today

It's flying over the Roase Bowl/Pasadena area right now, and then down to orange County where it will do a flyby of the Boeing plant in Huntington beach.

Then up the coast, over the Queen Mary in Long Beach, ad then to LAX.

It should get really close to us, and I'll try and grab some pix......

One crappy picture. You can barely see it between the light pole and the stern of the MARAD ship. I was walking out to see if I could spot it, and before I was out of the building, I *heard* it, and knew I was too late.

Oh, well......

And, of course, the local L.A. "news" crews are going nuts about "History Being Made".


History was made when it FLEW, not when it's being put out to pasture.



  1. To end the program, without a new one in place, is shameful and embarrassing.

  2. OH well... :-( But at least you 'saw' it!

  3. I wanted to watch her leave the other day, but it didn't work out. Between too many clouds, a slightly late take off and me heading in the wrong direction for work, it was not to be. But - what Rev. Paul said. Shameful and embarrassing to pay the Russians to fly our people up on Soyuz.

  4. Yes, our Dear Leader, Chairman MaoBama, not only pulled the funding for one more year of shuttle flights, he also killed the Aries program.

    Personally, I think Aries was a really BAD design, fraught with as much politicking as the Shuttle was. But at least it was *something* on the drawing boards.

    Looks like we'll either have to keep paying the commies, or pray that SpaceX gets the Falcon-9 and Dragon up to speed ASAP.


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