Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work Injury

Well, I have a sprained left shoulder, and a nerve in my right leg that gets compressed when I stand too long.
At least I'm lucky that this nerve just makes my leg get numb, and doesn't make me fall down screaming in pain.
I start Physical Therapy tomorrow morning, 3 times a week for 6 weeks, and they gave me a bottle of Naproxen.


  1. Naproxen - generic for "Aleve" - I take twice daily for arthritis (and any other) pain. Works marginally, but allows good sleep and comfortable periods of inactivity. Hang in there - yours isn't chronic like mine, but you should recover.

  2. Therapy is the a way of remembering what age does to you. (Like you needed another reminder of age.)

    I hope you get over this soon!

  3. Oh, goody! We can compare injuries!

    Nah, let's not. Hard to find anything more boring. But "I feel your pain", to quote the Billary.

  4. Had my first session of Physical Therapy this morning.
    The PT Doctor said I tore my subscapularius muscle in my shoulder, and severely bruised my "IVT" muscle in my thigh.
    She had me do some exercises for 30 minutes to show me how to do them, and then packed my leg and shoulder in cold-packs, and applied some patches that were connected to an electronic muscle stimulator for 30 minutes.
    SO....8 more treatments like this, and we'll see if it improves.
    The Naproxen does *nothing* for me, and she said if Ibuprofen gives me more relief to use that.

    1. FWIW, when I tore my shoulder (don't remember which muscle) it was 6 weeks of PT. Twice a week for 3, once a week for the other 3.

  5. Actually, I found out today I didn't tear it, but "pulled" it. Not quite as bad an injury as I first thought.

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