Thursday, August 23, 2012

ETA Sunday, About Noon, +/- God Knows How Much.....

We're about 2/3rds of the way back to Long Beach, and should either be at the Pilot Station, or pier, at 10AM/Noonish.

Still a *bit* too early to pin down an exact time, but I sure as H3LL hope it's not 10 freaking PM like it was last time!

I'm going to take my two bonus/incentive days immediately, and an extra day of personal time to go see my Doctor. My leg is getting better, and the Mother Of All Bruises is _starting_ to fade, but I'm still limping, I can't put my right leg over my left to put my shoes and socks on, I still have a big, sore lump where I "hit the deck", and my entire right thigh goes numb if I stand in one place for more than about ten minutes.

And I think I wrenched my left shoulder as I was going down. I didn't black out when I hit, but there's a bit of a timeline gap between realizing my feet were in the air and I was looking at the sky, to when I remember lying on the deck with two of the Russian guys running over to help me get up. I was still holding on to one of the stair rails with my left hand, and my arm was kinda back behind my head.

I'm sure I'll get referrals to Orthopedics, and probably Neurology, and I wonder what, if anything, they find.

For now I'm taking Ibuprofen, staying off my feet as much as I can except when I have to go do things, and trying to get as much sleep as I can.

Talk at y'all later.........



  1. Kee-rap! Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Argh! Having had a serious fall last February, I feel your pain. Get well soon, Jim.

  3. I'll just have to see what my Doctor says about this injury. It's still pretty sore, which I expected, but the numbness bothers me.
    Seems like it aches in a different place every day!
    NOT fun to be getting old......

  4. Oh man, sorry to hear that... And yes, go get checked out, but I'd do it on COMPANY time, since it's a work related injury!


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