Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Since we've been delayed 24 hours, I've been watching the Blu-Ray discs of "Firefly".

I watched "Serenity" a couple of months ago, and now I wished I would have waited until I'd watched the series.

It was a stunningly good series, and highly underrated while it was being aired.

I just finished the first disc, having watched the first 5 episodes, and I'm up to where River has finally stated speaking to the other crew members. I particularly liked the way she "charmed" Badger.

And sweet little Kaylee has started showing some open signs of her infatuation with Simon.

I've had these discs for a couple of years, and just now got around to watching them.

I don't believe I wated so long to watch such a well-made series.


  1. It had such potential as far as most shows go.

  2. I did hate to see the series cancelled. About once a year I dig mine out and watch them again.

  3. What the others have said. Welcome, Browncoat!

  4. And now you can "aim to misbehave" too.

  5. I had a similar experience. A friend gave me the DVDs, but they way it was presented didn't interest me. Took me a year to watch - I was bored one day.
    I now watch them, in the proper order, twice a year (at least)!

    Welcome BROWNCOAT!


  6. When Mal told the Alliance officer, "May have been the losing side. Not sure if it was the wrong side", I cracked up.
    I've heard that, and seen that, on so many blogs that I'd forgotten where it came from.
    And being a Radio Guy, my favorite from "Serenity" is what Mr Universe told Mal: "You can't stop the signal".

  7. In the process of watching "Our Mrs. Reynolds" now.
    I didn't know it was possible to make Christina Hendricks look "plain"!

  8. Welcome brother Browncoat.



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