Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colorado Fires *UPDATE*

Well, the stepson's GF heard from her Mom today.
Their house is still standing.
She said it's a bit scorched, and the deck is gone along with all of the outbuildings, but the house itself appears intact.
Her parents haven't been allowed back in the immediate area yet, so they don't know if it's habitable or not, but at least it's still there.
She's headed back today to help with the mountains of paperwork that come with a loss like this.


  1. What a relief that must be!

    Good to hear it's not a total loss. Hope the house and contents are still good.

  2. They should find out in a few days, after the area gets the all clear.

  3. Turns out the info they got on their house came from a neighbor who took their dirt bike through the back roads to the area, as the normal roads are still closed.
    She said he took some pictures, but she hasn't seen them yet.


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