Thursday, June 28, 2012

Todays SCOTUS Ruling

I haven't read it.

I may try to read it later.

I see people saying it's a victory for us conservatives and the American people, and I see people saying the ruling is a complete disaster, and this crappy piece of legislation should have been sent to Hell, where it belongs.

Maybe I'm not tactically savvy enough when it comes to things like this, but I had hoped (and prayed) that the entire thing would have been ruled patently UNconstitutional.

And I see people are praising Justice Roberts for his "Brilliant Thinking", and "Chessmaster-like Strategy".

I think Claire Wolfe was wrong.

It's time now, or will be very soon.....

At least there was some good news, in the vote declaring Holder in contempt.

Maybe we do have some time left, but it's getting shorter and shorter....



  1. I've thought a lot about that whole "Roberts is so stupid he wrapped around the j-omega axis to brilliant" argument and I'm just not buying it. Yeah, they (apparently) did say the individual mandate is unconstitutional, but they also said the can order you to buy anything and tax you if you don't. Say, like a Chevy Volt?

    It was a very awful day.

    On the other hand, it's clear that nobody gets us out of this but us. The Calvary ain't coming. No Star Trek-style last minute fix and everything is beautiful. Nothing left but the hard heavy lifting.

  2. Stock up on food and water, keep your powder dry, and start getting some extra PT.
    It's getting perilously close to Lock and Load time....


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