Saturday, June 9, 2012

GROAN.....Finally Home

They (Da Management) posted our ETA at the Pilot Station three different times today, NONE of which were accurate.
Hit the Pilot Station at 1830, but they didn't get us tied up and drop the gangway until 2030. This is about an HOUR longer than 'normal'.
I swear, Longshoremen are the epitome of "I get paid by the hour".
Then, nobody told the marine crew we'd need a basket lift to get our luggage off the ship, so that was another 30 minutes.
And of course, my stuff was in the last load to be brought down.
Got home about 2200, and after I spend a few minutes winding down, I'm hittin' they hay!
See you all tomorrow.....


  1. Welcome back. Hope it's quiet time.

  2. Thank you, gentlemen.
    Yeah, gonna take a couple of days to get back to normal. Unpacked all my stuff this morning and stowed it back here at home.
    Now I have my Honey Dew list from when I was away. Knocked out most of it, but have to swap out the optical drives in my wife's PC. Windows 7 isn't happy with them, and a firmware upgrade to the drives didn't have any effect.
    Fortunately I keep these "in stock" for my PC repair sideline, so I'll put these back in stock as "used, good, DO NOT use with Windows 7", and keep them for Linux machines or XP repairs.

  3. Glad you're back, and now back to the "grind"...LOL

  4. I won't be back at Home Port until Wednesday. In lieu of our "Recurring Mission Bonus", which amounted to 30% of our gross pay after the 7th mission, our new masters now graciously give us two days off.
    And I had two job offers from two of the contractors we take along due to lack of qualified personnel.
    I'm polishing up my resume this week......


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