Friday, June 8, 2012

About 30 Hours Out....

We're at 29*40'N, 127*W @ 19knots.

ETA at Home Port is approx 1800 on Saturday.

Can barely wait to get off the ship, and back home......


  1. Ah yes... Home! :-) Enjoy the reunion! :-)

  2. And the onset of channel fever ... I remember it well.

  3. Thanks!
    One of my work mates, a 23-year Navy CPO, is singing something like "I wanna get offa this boat....", or words to that effect.
    We're supposed to be hitting some 6~8 meter waves and swells tonight, so we're running around making sure all our gear is secured and stowed properly.
    Usually not nearly this rough, but the weather guy says we're traversing a low-pressure zone.


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