Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

......And I'm going to play radio ALL DAY!


  1. LOL, have fun! At least you'll be out from under foot! :-)

  2. Have yourself a time, Daddy O!

  3. Thanks.
    AND, I *solved* the problem of the missing microphone and the boom that holds it.
    A couple of weeks ago while I was cleaning up a bit, I needed a place to "store" it. So, I cable tied it closed, and set it in my trash basket. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, as I'm the only one that empties the trash here in Radio Central. loving wife decided to "clean things up a bit" in here, and dumped the contents into the trash outside.
    A discontinued Heil dual-element microphone, the special cable I'd made for it, and the boom, are now in a landfill somewhere.
    I just hope somebody spotted it, and grabbed it before it went to the landfill.......

  4. Thanks, Brigid.
    My son called, and we had a nice chat, and then it was back to playing radio, and making contacts on the Amateur Radio satellites.


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