Saturday, August 13, 2011

@@#!@%$^ Plumbing!

Well, I just spent the morning killing off my 'honey dew' list.
All EXCEPT getting the bathroom sink unclogged.
Now, I'm pretty handy when it comes to most things. Electrical, data wiring, framing, drywall, new doors and windows....I can, and have, done that stuff.
Plumbing just frustrates the h3ll out of me, other than putting in the parts for new construction or a remodel.
I'd been tinkering on getting it unclogged for the last several days, and had gotten it to just about drain fully, but then something else happened, or maybe I knocked the clog loose enough to float to another spot, but it won't drain AT ALL now.
I wound up pulling the trap out this morning to find it completely clean, and then tried to run my mini-snake down the rest of the run, but it gets hung up about 6"~8" inside the wall where the pipe turns. It's a solid-blade type snake, more like an Electrician's fish tape than a snake, so it's not good at turning tight corners.
Oh, well......
The guy across the street is a Real Plumber, and a family friend, so he'll be coming over tomorrow afternoon to fix it for us.
That should give me plenty of time to get his favorite beer iced down!

*I'M* gonna play radio the rest of the day!


  1. I learned enough as a building inspector to be able to accomplish framing & electrical, to the point that I can do residential wiring. But a man's got to know his limits ... and I don't do plumbing, either. If it's too complicated for Liquid Plumber, or more complicated than changing a shower head, I holler for help.

  2. Same here, plumbing, I just PAY the man...

  3. Yeah, the wife gave me a pat on the back and said "At least you tried"!
    And she's right, as usual.
    If we never even try to do something, we're guaranteed to fail!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope your man enjoyed his beer!

  5. You're welcome, Supi!
    I forget where I found the link.....OldNFO, maybe?
    The Plumber (Mike) Hasn't shown up yet. It's 9:30 Sunday morning here, and I don't expect him until 'noonish'.

  6. Well, some men can manage simple plumbing problems at home, but it can get tough sometimes! That's why it's always best to have a good plumber in town! They can always come to the rescue when the clog gets worse! :D

  7. yep, and our good plumber lives right across the street!
    He used his "professional" snake, and had it cleared out in about 15 minutes.
    I showed him the one I bought, and he said the ONLY thing those are good for is the profit of the company that sells them.

  8. It is frustrating to have plumbing problems. It can really cause a lot of stress, and not to mention, a lot of inconvenience, too. It’s a good thing you have a plumber friend nearby to help. Otherwise, it would’ve been a real disaster. =)


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