Sunday, August 7, 2011

Judge Judy...."This Is What We're Creating"

I couldn't agree with her more!

H/T to Miss Phlegm Fatale.


  1. Yeah, isn't it something what the liberal term for caring has done.

    Moochers all across the fruited plains.

  2. Gawd what a pair of spoiled brats. Thanks, Uncle Sam!

  3. The old Lefty-Liberal notion of "class" has melted-away under the Leviathan Bureaucratic State. The rioters burning buildings and businesses in Notting Hill are not a part of any "Class" system that Marx ever envisioned - his so-called "workers of the world" - they don't work! They just TAKE.
    It's all hand-outs from the .Gov who place greater and greater demands on the actual workers to PAY for/off this parasitic class of permanent .Gov-Voters - so the ratchet continues.
    And forgive me if I said this elsewhere...


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