Saturday, August 20, 2011

Filing Cabinets

I went 'shopping' online at the office supply places, and HOLY SH1T! These things are insanely priced.
A GOOD QUALITY, 2-drawer cabinet is ONE-HUNDRED FIFTY dollars!
Even the cheeseball ones are sixty bucks. I already have one of those, and when the wife had her son move it, it buckled up like cooked pasta.

I told them to empty it before they moved it, but naaaaa.....just couldn't take the time to pull the drawers out.

Where was I??

Out at sea last month, and she wanted to "surprise" me by having the carpets cleaned.

Even on craigslist good ones go for $100.

Looks like I'll just have to bite the bullet (again) and get a decent one.

Just got back from visiting Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMAX. Staples had some decent ones, but they're marked "Delivery Only". I asked one of the floor people if I could take it myself, and he said no, they have to come from the warehouse.
Scratch Staples.
The other two places had some decent ones, but they were all "Out Of Stock" in this area, and I'd have to have them delivered.
Scratch that....

So, unless I want to buy some more of the $60 POS units, I'm SOL for getting some replacements today.

I'll keep searching craigslist. There's NO WAY I'm coughing up $60 for something so flimsy it can barely hold its shape when loaded, let alone if you try and move it more than a few inches.


  1. I'm trying to set up bookshelves in the new place. They want WAYYY too much money. I'm thinking back to college and boards and bricks again.

  2. Pay now or pay later (again and again)... I bit the bullet and just paid for a GOOD cabinet 5 years ago, so far it's survived three moves (fully loaded)... Just sayin...

  3. Brigid- yep, I did the same in my first apartment. When I moved in with my sweetie I got some decent bookcases at Ikea. The only thing I don't like about them is they use a piece of cardboard for the back panel. I bought some thin plywood to fix that!

    Old_NFO- I'm already resigned to having to spend over $100 to get a good one. I would have gladly paid it yesterday, but everything I saw at Staples that was nice was "Delivery Only". Office Depot and OfficeMAX had nothing but junk on display. The one that bent it self into a pretzel was a $60 job, and I'm *not* buying one of those again!

  4. The local university sells old equipment once a week on Thursday morning. Bought two filing cabinets at the surplus sale, $10.00 a piece. They are O.D. green and heavy, but solid and functional.


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