Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gawd....I'm BEAT!

12-hour days are no fun.
Lugging 40 pound test equipment up and down three flights of "stairs" on a ship is no fun.
Sitting inside a 12' radome while I work on stuff is no fun.
At least I have a stable (I hope!) job, which is better than this time last year.
On the plus side.....
Credit card? PAID OFF!
Pardon me while I go to bed early.....8:45 is early for me.


  1. I know the feeling, Jim. My day starts at 4 AM and I try to wrap it up by 9 PM.
    Built a few radomes myself back when I was in the army - nice place to cop some zzzzzs unless it's hot outside - then you just bake real slow.

  2. Ain't being back in the workforce fun? Look on the bright side, you'll be in shape pretty soon!!! :-)

  3. And to top it off, I have to teach all these young pups how to troubleshoot!
    One new guy is supposedly a satcom "expert". He wasted two days, and replaced half a dozen modules before The Management called and asked me to help him.
    You guessed it, a cable wasn't plugged in all the way causing drop out in connectivity to the PC controlling it.
    All these kids know is book learning. NONE of them have a clue as to how things work in The Real World, or how to find a problem. They just start swapping modules/assemblies until it works again!

  4. LOL- Welcome to the new age 'technician'...


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