Thursday, September 23, 2021

Space Weather for the Weekend

 And it looks like cycle 25 is off and running.

The forecast from Dr. Skov is below:

Yeah, she can be 'over the top' a bit, but she's got gen-you-ine creds and degrees and she knows her stuff.

Solar Flux should be in the low 90's for the weekend, with some good band openings.

I've noticed more Ionospheric Sounders in operation on the 20 Meter (14MHz) band than usual, and I've even see a few on the 40 Meter (7MHz) band.

I've been hearing Danie, ZS3D, in South Africa on 40 Meters on a regular basis, and that's getting me fired up to put my big 33' vertical back up. It's a full quarter-wave on 7MHz, and with the elevated radials, works extremely well.


  1. I'll be vicariously watching as Cycle 25 kicks in. We've been watching daily as the new cycle seems to be revving up.

    Thanks for the u2b link to Dr. Skov. I had not seen her before, but I will be looking in from time to time.

    1. Just turned on the radio, so we'll see how propagation is today.

  2. Interesting, even if I don't understand it.

    1. I've learned so many different fields of Science by being into Amateur Radio these last 57 years that's it's mind boggling.

  3. Nice report. Alpha index is going to go in the toilet though...LOL

    1. Current indices are:
      Flux: 88
      A Index:8
      K Index:2

      14MHz went tu earlier than I expected, but 7MHz is doing well.


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