Monday, December 7, 2020

L.A. City and County Force Closure of Battleship Iowa.

 Gruesome Newsome and his Evil Minions strike again.

A partial quote from the management aboard the Iowa:

While we have operated safely outdoors since the end of May without a single Covid-19 case, we have been ordered to close. This resulting closure will undoubtedly set us back and without an immediate increase in donations, we will have to cut expenses and wages during the holiday season. Without your support, the decision on how much we cut and where we cut has to be made no later than December 13th.  


If you can afford to during these times, please consider donating to The Pacific Battleship Center.


  1. Replies
    1. +1 squared. (Hey, I'm no math wizard)

    2. They were barely in the black for the last few months, due to some generous donations. Now it's locked down to minimum staffing for safety, and no more open deck walks among the outdoor exhibits. That REALLY sucks.

  2. Liberals intent on destroying everything. ☹️


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