Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day, 2020

 In anticipation of "festivities" happening regardless of who wins, I went out today to run some errands. Got a two-month supply of my meds, some cash, "extra" coffee and cigarettes, and filled up both cars and all my gas cans.

"Other" preparations of a defensive nature were finished a few weeks ago, and we're fine on that front.

While I was pumping gas, I noticed the guy across the pump island had on a "USAF Veteran" hat, and as I had on my USS Iowa BB-61 hat, we naturally struck up a conversation. He's a local guy, and had served his career working at Cheyenne Mountain doing ELINT stuff. Betwixt and between inside jokes about that sort of thing, he asked me if I was "stocking up" on gas before the coming storm. I told him I was "Channeling My Inner Boy Scout", and he cracked up. We agreed we should be OK up here, but that the Denver/Aurora area would go up in flames of Peaceful Protest if Trump won, or flames of "Joyous Celebration" if the commies won.

I said I'd only seen a few gatherings with signs, all of them in support of "Conservative" issues and candidates. Given the number of Slow Joe and Da Ho signs I see up, I was quite surprised to see them out. 

He said there were some "BLM-Type" people at the courthouse engaging in "Voter Intimidation", and that he almost got into it with them. They (Three very large, very dark-complected men) were standing in front of the ballot drop box, and demanded to know who he voted for before they'd allow him to put his ballots in the box. He said he told them loudly, and in no uncertain terms, that it was none of their business, and to please move. He said they started to come towards him, at which time two security guys and two Sheriff's Deputies came out and defused it, telling the "Peaceful Protesters" to disperse to some distance from the drop box.

I was kinda flabbergasted when he told me that. This isn't L.A. or Chicago, or some other Big City. We're a city of about 170,000 people, and a good sixty-plus miles from the nearest one. We're part of the "Front Range Urban Corridor" , with ~5,000,000 people in it, but to see Big City Shit like that (pardon my French...) here really snapped me back to reality. The Bad Dudes really are everywhere these days, not just in their rat-hole cities anymore.

Time to get moving on our CCW permits.....


And from my son, who's a manager at a Major Chain Grocery in Lost Angeleez, we have.....Empty Shelves!

They have ZERO paper towels, and the toilet paper you see is all they have left. He said some other items were short, forget which ones, and they have they store windows boarded up solid, with armed guards in the store after closing.

Be vigilant!


  1. We were out among 'em down in the West Valley (Phoenix Metro Suburbs) yesterday for shopping and an optical appointment. No sign of anything BLM or otherwise. Here at home and in town it seems its sleepy self. However, Damsel and I are prepared for whatever happens for at least 30 days and we have our home defense goodies deployed in strategic places. We pray it won't come to that, but the reality is that it probably will no matter what the results of the election are.

    1. The small amount I saw was quite peaceful, and about 50/50 young and old.

      The courthouse incident really surprised me. If that had happened 15 miles out-of-town, those three guys might very well have simply disappeared.....

  2. Bought the larder up to 30+ days this morning along with dog food and my very modest liquor needs. Drove by City Hall and nada at the ballot drop off boxes. Worst problem was the repaving of the parking lot at the liquor store I patronize.

    Got into a conversation with three other residents about why we have an Electoral College. Their lack of civic knowledge isn't surprising. I know two of the three are Democrats because they always have been Democrats.

    1. We're good here for supplies, too, except for what I picked up today, which is why I went out.

      I've had to explain the EC to SLW several times, to the point of having to read up on it myself!

      Those Founders were really smart guys, and now she's getting interested in American History!

  3. Yep, let the panic buying begin again...

    1. He said people were much more polite this time, but also much more apprehensive.


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