Sunday, November 29, 2020

And Now He Has A Friend.....

 The eagle, that is.

Here's some shots using my "real" flash unit, and not the wimpy little pop-up flash built in the camera.

Say hello to my little friend!

The owl is carved into a "bowl" shaped area. It's more of a "Relief" than just a carving.

And the "Toll House Morsels" I saw on the counter, hoping for chocolate chip cookies?

Nope, didn't happen.

We got FUDGE, instead!

Notice how carefully Spiderman is watching the uncanning of the evaporated, condensed milk. He's anxiously awaiting his next move to slip away with the fudge!

Hope you all had a blessed Sunday.....


  1. What a cool idea for that stump. It saves the cost of digging it out, then having to fix the landscape. What happens when the stump rots out? By then you might be dead, so won't care... Nice idea using it as a support for your Dipole(?) antenna.

    1. The support is the center support for an end-fed, 94' wire antenna. There's a 9:1 balun on the fed end, and the far end goes to a rope, through a pulley, down to a halyard, where I tie the rope off. Really convenient for adjusting the slack, and dropping the entire wire.

      Two tree people have told me it's critical to get the bark off it if you don't want it to rot. It traps water, and then all kinds of nasty stuff starts to happen.

      The root ball will eventually rot out, but I haven't asked how long. I'll ask Trevor when he comes back to work on it some more.

  2. That works nicely, DRJIM. Yes, the bark beetles come. However, if the winters are cold enough for long enough, it's said to kill them.

    The electric company has those treated wood poles and I think that they'll sell you one. But you have to transport it and somebody with their act together has to dig the hole for it and drop it in. May be worth it in the long run?

    The little chocolate gremlins in their spidy suits are effective fudge and cookie harvesters. They're present to save you from yourself by eating it (and getting sick on it) so that you don't have to.

    1. There's a lot of "Beetle Kill" wood up in the hills and canyons here, so I don't think it gets cold enough, long enough, to kill them here.

      Getting a utility pole delivered and installed would likely be a hassle for you. I don't know how deep they plant them, but in your case it would likely involve blasting, or a lot of nasty jackhammer work. If *I* was going to go to that much trouble, I'd just buy three sections of tower and a hinged base, and be done with it.

      Between letting him eat the goodies, and chasing him around the house (all FOUR stories) and yard, he's a major part of my weight-loss program....

  3. I've been looking for ideas for a similar stump I have in my backyard.
    A totem pole seemed t0o much :)
    Yours looks good.

    1. When we were in the final closing stages, I had our forestry service guy check out the tree to see how much difficulty removing it would be. I joked about leaving 8'~10' in the ground and carving it into a totem of some sort. That's when I found out that tree carving is an art form out here, and there were several people doing it.

      What got us off the dime was the arborist telling us the thing was starting to decay and attract critters and things, like the YUGE mushroom infestation we had this past summer.

      He's a very talented young guy, and got started wood carving when he was a kid. Grew up just down the street, where he still lives with Mom and Dad until he can get his own business going and buy his own house.

  4. Darn, my witty comment didn't post and now I can't remember it!

  5. Replies
    1. I was surprised at all the work he put into the owl. The "bowl" it's sitting in is cut a good 6"~8" into the trunk, and the little owl is almost free standing in it.

      Hmmm....maybe I could rig up some flickering red LED's for eyes?

  6. It's looking more and more interesting.
    Cute crumb grabber!

    1. The young guy doing the tree has a full time job at a local custom cabinet place, so he can only come by on the weekends. It's going to take him several more full weekends to finish it, and I'm pretty sure it's going to look nice.

      He's the apple of his Grandma's eye!


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