Sunday, May 31, 2020

Getting a Bit "Spicy" in L.A.

Just got a text from my son. They're boarding up all the windows and doors at the large grocery store he works at near LAX.

No word on if they're going to send the employees home.....yet.

And on the local front, I see there were protests in front of the local PDHQ the last couple of days.

Read all about it here.

I have no idea of the history of our local PD in regards to complaints of excessive force.  I suspect a lot of these people are the local snowflake population out doing their virtue signalling.....


  1. Get him out of there now. The mob doesn't care about life, and neither does the Governor.

    Seriously. Talk to him about bugging out. Call in sick and bail.

    Especially if he has no real means of self defense, and it's been shown that LAPD and LASD won't protect people or businesses.

    Get him out now!

  2. He wants to move out here, and the company (Kroger) that owns the chain he works for has chains here. He says he can transfer, and the grocery chains out here are crying for people, but he just won't get off the dime. We've told him he can stay here until he gets a job and finds a place, so none of the "moving out of state" issues normally associated with an 1100 mile move.

    SLW thinks he's afraid to do it because of the security blanket he has there living with his Mom and Step-Dad, and the fact he has a union job in Kommiefornia, and the stores out here are non-union. And before he got his act together about three years ago, he needed the union!

    Idunno, Beans. He's welcome here, he's been here, he loves the area (DUH!), and his internal stress level would probably drop 75% if he got the hell out of SoCal and got away from all the "entitled" customers, other losers, and neurotic coworkers.

    The ball is in his court.....

    1. Yes. Yes it is. Unfortunately. He's relying on his safety net and his unwillingness to take a risk to save his life.

      It is what it is.

      You've called him, explained it, he's watching the tv and seeing the web reports.

      Hope his brain makes the decision to jump before his neighborhood explodes.

      I'll pray for you and him and his mom. Just like I'll pray for all those trapped in Commifornia, like Tuna and his family.

      I honestly say, this stuff is really worrying me.

    2. He lives in Torrance, which is an upper-middle class neighborhood. The infamous Mark Furhman called Torrance "The Last Bastion of White America" or something similar.

      Lots of Asians now, RTK's included, so he's relatively "safe" at home. He and his step-dad are armed, and skilled, so I think their house is OK.

      BUT....he works up by LAX, and if he takes the freeway to work, he has to skirt some iffy areas.

      His Mom and Step-Dad would also like to get out of SoCal, but Grandma is still living in San Pedro, she's getting advanced in age, and won't budge.

      He knows he can come out here, but if he moves, my wife and I expect his Mom and Step-Dad to gather up Grandma, sell both houses, and get outta Dodge, meaning he'd have no place to go back to if he decides he "can't make it" out here.

      Hopefully after this settles down a bit he'll get off the dime and get his ass OUT of there.

  3. I have a son-in-law on the PD in the area. He was headed my way this coming weekend with the grandkids. All that has been put on hold because of riots and looting.

    His problem with bugging out is that he has a pension investment where he is that he couldn't duplicate if he moved elsewhere (like AZ, near me). He has to ride it out. He'd leave the workers paradise if he could.

    1. Same with my wife. She calculated her pension vs years of service, and decided she could retire a couple of years earlier than she first thought. She would have gotten maybe another $150/month to stick it out several more years, and it wasn't worth it.

  4. We never stop being a parent. One of mine finally got off his butt and had an interview. Been on his current job 4 years and is at a dead end.

  5. Praying God will keep everyone's families safe.

  6. Noticed that they are NOT going into Korea Town in LA... LOL Wonder why... :-)

    1. Yeah, gotta watch out for those pesky Roof Top Koreans when you're looting!

      She just heard from one of her friends that Long Beach erupted last night....

      I'm thankful we're out of there.....

    2. I firmly believe we need to have Roof Top Caucasians. If it is good for the Koreans, it is good for us. It would stop a lot of mischief and mayhem if the brats knew they might have a big hole develop in their chest and just had minutes of life left. Koreans were never prosecuted, same needs to be said for Caucasians.

    3. Maybe we can start a #RoofTopLivesMatter movement?

    4. Oh, there are a lot of roottopcaucasians, just they have to be more circumspect to do the rooftop thingy because, well, caucasian.

      But, well, one Italian bakery already defended itself without shots fired, yet.

      The shots are coming. You can hear the anger and frustration building. People have finally figured out that, yes, it is worth it to cap some worthless a-hole who is messing with your stuff, because your stuff is more important than some worthless a-hole.

      Screw with my car? Break my windows? Scare my wife? I can't slug it out, or spray them with anything assured to chase them off. I can only open fire as often as I can. Which reminds me I need to stage more freedom seeds closer to my freedom seed planter. And maybe another 2-4 boxes or more of fireworks for my shoulder-mounted fireworks launcher.

    5. One of my car buddies in Van Nuys, CA works at a place in riot zone. They blocked off the entrances to their complex with big trucks, and put guys with rifles and shotguns everywhere. They also had baseball bats with big, nasty spikes driven through them, chains with big padlocks on the ends, and big fire axes at the ready.

      He said the looters stopped, looked at all the firepower, and went on by.

    6. Glad to hear your friend survived, drjim. Praise God.
      (And good planning. )

    7. He's a sharp guy, and the specialty automotive shop he works at has lots of Japanese and Korean employees. And some of them were around for the Rodney King riots, and know what to do.


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