Saturday, February 29, 2020

Been Busy.....

My son came out for a week, so we've been pretty busy just doing stuff.

Ran the blue "Bonneville" R/C car a bunch and got it up to 70MPH, but we need a bigger area to go any faster. The Electronic Speed Control/Motor I bought "on a budget" doesn't have very good brakes, so that will have to be swapped out. The motor is robust, but it was a "budget" ESC, and it's not very adjustable. I have a high-end one, but I'll have to fabricate some cables to connect it to the motor.

The hip isn't bothering me quite as much. I've been taking 600mg of Naproxen twice a day, and between that and the Tramadol, I can manage pretty well. Still waiting on the referral to the Orthopedics people to go through, and for them to call me.

Be back in a couple. The Little Guy's 3rd Birthday Party is tomorrow, and I'm sure a splendid time will be had by all.


  1. Replies
    1. Ibuprofen did nothing. Acetaminophen did very little.

      The Naproxen seems to be cutting down any inflammation there, requiring less Tramadol.

    2. Watch how long you take that Naproxen Sulfate. My wife took it for a number of years and now has developed kidney problems that preclude her from taking most NSAIDs.

    3. I'm trying to keep the NSAID and Tramadol intake to the minimum I need. 600~800mg of Naproxen and three Tramadol, cut in half, per day.

  2. Replies
    1. He sure wants to. I think it would do him good to get out of that rat race/pressure cooker he's in back in Lost Angeleez.

      He's already talking about getting his mountain bike fixed, or getting another one, and looking at the trail maps we have.

  3. I couldn't remember the exact scale of your car so I punched a range of scales into this scale speed calculator.
    Mighty zippy moving speeds indeed!

    1. It's supposed to be "1/7th Scale", but compared to what?

      The overall length is 28.74", and the wheelbase is 15.98" if that will help you.

  4. Yep, brakes are a GOOD thing... Just sayin...

    1. Oh, yeah!

      A 10 pound model car going 100 MPH can do some serious damage if you lose it.....


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