Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Here Comes Winter!

Expecting the next three nights to be 25*, 15*, and 25*

I was just up at The Kids place to tend to the dogs, and in a 90 minute round-trip (including doggie time) the temperature has dropped 10*, and the winds are kicking up.

Expecting rain around midnight, turning to snow showers, turning to snow, with snow on Thursday, and a high of 33*.

And since the winds are predicted to be 30MPH or so, with gusts to 40MPH, I lashed the fence gates closed on the side leading to the back yard. I guess I'm getting acclimatized to here, as yesterday I drained and stowed the garden hoses and sprinklers, put the cold weather covers on the faucets, brought in the big sun umbrella after knocking the wasps out of it, and in general tried to clear the task list for "Winter Preps".

I think I got all of it, but we'll see.....

My Sweet Little Wife has departed on a three week vacation, and The Kids are gone until Sunday night, so Pebbles and I are on our own.

And I got this "present" on the way back from DIA:

Yep...a BIG rock came off the back of a gravel hauler, and I saw it milliseconds before it hit with a CRACK! like a rifle shot.


I'm tempted to tray and have it repaired, BUT with the rain/snow, and below freezing temps the next two nights, it might get much worse before I can get it in to the glass shop.

I haven't lost a windshield to a rock hit since about 1986, so I suppose I'm overdue.


As of 2230 local time, it's down to 32*, there's a LOT of lightning and thunder, and it's snowing.


  1. Left LaSalle today at 4 pm, temp 81°. 68 miles NNE later, 34°. Back to LaSalle and 41° at 7:30 pm.

  2. I just got back from the 2100 dog-sitting session, and there's lightning all over the place, the temps have dropped to 35*, and it's drizzling.

    Good night to stay inside and keep warm! I feel for the people that have to work outdoors tonight. I've had that duty, and it sucks, but it has to be done.

  3. Sorry about the windshield but... RAIN and FROST!

    If only.

    1. It might kill a lot of your plants.

      What's the normal low for where you live in The Great State of Texas?

  4. Whoa! The War Against the Weather doesn't let up for a moment. There we were, thinking everything was fine and then, boom, everything changed.

    And you've got snow. Stand firm. Respect.

    1. I always respect Mother Nature, especially since moving here and getting reacquainted with her!

      The weather here will kill you if you're careless.

  5. Winter is on it's way here as well.
    Did you see this:

    1. Yes, and it's been blown all out of proportion.

      *IF* the repeater handles any emergency traffic, and most do, they have nothing to worry about.

      I should probably do a post on it since a lot of the folks I read have mentioned it.

  6. Living in CO, expect to replace the windshield every few years, especially if you do any traveling on I70 in the mountains. The winter cinders they put down for icy conditions are to blame.


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