Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

It's 13* and snowing, with an expected low tonight of -3*.

We're staying in, as temps under 10* don't agree with us.

"There Was A Time...." when I would have been out hootin' and hollerin' on New Years Eve, but now I'd rather stay in, let the youngsters do the hootin' and hollerin', and tinker away on something.

Be careful if you're out and about tonight. There were many time I shouldn't have been driving, but did anyway, so watch out for the other guy.


  1. Soooo.....

    You have this snowblower..

    And you have yet to tell us how well (or not) it works. Yet. Jiminy Crickets, you forget the simplest things... :)

    Seriously, other than a snowblower report, well, Happy New Year to you and yours, and thanks for keeping up this great site.

  2. We've got maybe an inch right now, not enough to get the damn thing out, lube it up, and wrestle with it.

    Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Have a great evening and a wonderful New Year, DRJIM.

  4. Back in my lair having spent 5 hours in that mess. Wool sweater and Carthart jacket was barely adequate. No way I'm going out again tonight.

    1. I went out about 1530~1600 and had on my t-shirt, a heavy sweatshirt, and my USAF N3B parka.

      I was OK, but man, I needs me some GLOVES!

  5. Clear and Cold here. Willie and I are in for the night, granddaughter is on Mt Hood night skiing with friends. BTDT...
    Wishing you a Blessed New Year from the PNW.

    1. And a Joyous New Year to you, Brig!

      2130 local time, and it's 9* with a light dusting of snow. My wife is watching a Firefly marathon, and I'm down in the basement (aka "The Dungeon") bringing back yet another piece of test equipment from the dead!

  6. A blessed New Year to you all.
    We had rain most of the day. About 60 degrees. Supposed to get to about 45 tonight.
    I agree about temps below 20. Be safe and stay warm!

  7. Happy New Year. I'm in Michigan and debating whether to change out the mower deck for the snow blade on the tractor.
    I regretted doing it last year.
    I love global warming.

  8. If your hands are cold, you don't need gloves.
    You need a good pair of choppers.
    About the best are elk leather. Deer skin is next, then cow hide.
    All with separate wool liners.
    Gloves may look better, but they do not keep your hands as warm as choppers.
    And I wear gloves most of the winter. When it starts getting real cold, the choppers are worn.
    If it gets way below zero, then these are what you want.


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