Monday, December 3, 2018

Been Busy Brazenly Bashing Big Burly Boxes

For fun and profit, no less.

Just completed Round 2 of the Big eBay Bash where I get rid of stuff that I'll never use, have lost interest in, bought for future canceled projects, obsolete but functional items, or items I have double/triples of.

As much as I loved my little KPC-3+ packet radio TNC, I simply don't need THREE packet radio TNC's.

The fold-up circularly polarized UHF satellite antennas were cool in L.A. where people knew what they were, but out here?

So I have a lot of obscure, arcane, and scarce equipment that's been selling really well on eBay, and bringing prices that made me blush a couple of times. About a third of the stuff I've listed so far has sparked bidding wars, and bringing ridiculous prices.

Today's shipping run was for some small items like adapter cables for specific radios, a small, portable 3Watt VHF SSB rig, an old Hallicrafters speaker, and a rusty Heathkit shortwave "parts radio" that I'd forgot I had.

Last month's selling spree bought a snowblower, some Toyota parts, and a nice dinner for my wife and myself.

This month's blast (so far) bought my snow tires and some Christmas presents.

And I have a "temporary" work bench set up along one wall, and just set up my anti-static mat, desoldering station, and new soldering station. I have an identical Weller temperature controlled station, but I can't find it. It's probably in the same box as my MIA AEA PK-900 packet radio modem with DSP. If it turns up it'll be the garage soldering iron.

So lots going on, everybody doing fine, just haven't felt like writing about it.


  1. Sometimes ya just gotta get rid of the extra stuff, ya know?

    Carry on, sailor.

  2. Yes you do. And I (very) grudgingly admit The Wife is (somewhat) correct about this.

    For now, I'm just getting rid of superfluous items.

    When I start selling off the big radios is when it's going to almost make me cry like a little girl!

  3. 'Spare' money is always good! LOL

    1. I look at it as "found" money that took a little work to find.

      And it's forcing me to go through *everything* I brought with us, box-by-box. It's also resulted in 10 boxes of stuff being sorted, consolidated, and cleaned of trash, like cut cable ties, empty bags, and other garbage.

  4. Keeps you occupied. Idle hands and all that.

  5. Maybe I should have kept some of the stuff I gave away in 2014 to get some of the big bucks. Wow!


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