Thursday, September 13, 2018

Well, At Least *I* Didn't Kill The Yard

Finally had a landscape guy come by to look at the yard. Hopefully this company is more reliable than that other Bozo we had for a while. I've been a little upset with myself as I thought I noticed the grass dying off not too long after I did the "Broadleaf Weed Killer" treatment to the yard. Nope, he says it's "drought stress", and we simply weren't watering enough.

If we'd watered the yard this much in Long Beach, the Water Cops would have hauled us away, and we still weren't watering enough. I was watering about 30 minutes per section a couple of times a week, and we really need more like an hour each time, at least three times a week. We still have the "Kailfornia Save The Fish and Kill The Crops" mentality as far as water use on the yard goes, and if we want a nice yard, we're going to have to change that mindset that's been hammered into us for the last 30 years.

He sad to put out some grass seed in the early Spring, and it should come back fine.


  1. Learning the area. Some towns have high water bills which leads to a lot of Xeriscape.

  2. For as much as our neighbors water, we've never heard them complain about the cost, so I don't have a reference what Fort Collins charges.

  3. LOL, The landscape guy here is an ol broad who loves to mow, edge, fertilize, plant and water for her keep...

    1. HAH! My wife does the weeding, and I do the Chemical Warfare and watering.


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