Saturday, September 22, 2018

MKII Supra Foglamp Restoration - Wrap-Up -

Groan, this turned into a project in it's own right!

For those that missed our previous installments, you can find them here:

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Murphy Strikes

The particular problem that had me stalled was the length of the LED H-3 halogen bulb replacement I bought:

It's  bit too long, resulting in it hitting the internal light shield inside the reflector/lens, and not seating in the housing:

The "replacement-replacement" bulb is the black one in the opening photo, and it snuggles down just like it's supposed to, and allows the little wire bail latch to close:

Then connect up the wires:

Slide the weather boot back into position:

Slide the reflector/lens with the wiring attached into the bucket, and insert the parking lamp bulb into place:

Mate the pieces fully together, and get the bezel ready:

Then screw the bezel on with some new stainless-steel button-head cap screws so they never rust again:

And place it on the shelf next to it's mate:

And one of the other tasks that was staring me in the face was cleaning up/refurbishing the turn signal/side marker lamps. Since a large portion of these face directly forward, they get hit with all kinds of FOD, and were pitted from it. I used Novus Plastic Polish, which is about as good as you can get, provided you follow the directions!

I spent several hours on each lamp assembly, slowly cleaning the road film and pits off of it, and then polishing it. After the initial cleaning, I started with Novus #3, the most aggressive, and polished the daylights out of it. Then I went to Novus #2, almost a finishing polish, and then ended with Novus #1, a glaze and sealant.

I was stunned at how the color returned, and they took on a deep luster. Most of the pitting on the front surface is now gone, and the sides, which were just weathered a bit, look stunning. Even my wife remarked at how they "looked new".

And of course I scrubbed and restored the backsides as well, cleaning all the wiring, and replacing the incandescent bulbs with LED units:

So as my beloved Heathkit would say...."This completes the assembly of these two units.".

And now it's time to get back to this:


  1. At least all your steps 'end up' in a positive direction... LOL And thanks for the honest appraisal of what went wrong AND right!

    1. Hey, I keep trying! Sometimes I get stalled, usually due to not having parts on-hand, or because I didn't know what I needed (or what was broke) until I took the sub-assembly apart.

      But she's getting there.

      Slowly I turned, step-by-step.....

  2. Though of your Supra yesterday as I drove from Bellevue to the West side of Horsetooth on a job. That would be more fun in a Supra than a Taurus!

    1. Oh, yeah! I've taken her up Taft Hill to 287 "B", through Laporte, turn at Vern's onto Rist Canyon, through Bellvue, and then left at The Grange, and down N Co Rd 23 along the East side of Horsetooth, and back out on Harmony.

      It's a really nice drive. Next time I take her out, I'm going to continue on Rist Canyon Rd up to Stove Prairie, and then down Poudre Canyon back to 287.


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