Monday, September 24, 2018

One Year In Colorado

Still haven't finished editing up the list of notes I've been trying to keep the last year, but as of the 22 Sept, I've been here one year. My wife arrived a day earlier on 21 Sept.

Yeah, I'm a few days off, but hey....I'm retired and don't count 'em that close any more.

My son, Pebbles, and I left the house in Long Beach about 1000 on 20 Sept, and spent that night in St. George, UT, and then spent the night of 21 Sept in Grand Junction, CO, arriving in Fort Collins the afternoon of 22 Sept.

Took us a few days to settle in, and then "House Hunt 2017" started up. We found, agreed to buy, financed, insured, ordered cable and telephone, and closed on 31 Oct.

- WHEW! -

We moved in on 1 Nov, and proceeded to begin repairing all the little things that are invariable wrong with any "new" home you move in to. And some big things, too, like having a 65' cottonwood tree removed, the roof replaced, and all new windows installed.

So how do we like it? I love it, and my wife still misses her friends, but she's adjusting.

We were here about two weeks, and I turned to her one night and said "I'm Home".

And on my errands today, I heard a radio ad for a self-service dog wash, and they included a variety of shampoos, and all the towels you needed.

I'll try and go through the notes this week and come up with something about the culture shock of moving back to Free America. We've had some amusing incidents......


  1. It has been a journey of discovery, hasn't it. I'm glad you are home at last.

    1. Yeah, it's definitely been an "E-Ticket" ride!

  2. Replies
    1. Took forever, but she finally responded with some sketches and prices.

      We told her we wanted something in between, and now we're waiting to hear back.

  3. Feels good, Doesn't it? We're gong on 8 years in Arizona now and our 9th retirement anniversary is just around the corner.

    1. Yeah, it's been very good so far. Watching the grandson grow and develop is amazing, and we're slooowly turning this house into our home.

      We still have an upstairs bathroom to redo, and my wife keeps dreaming about the kitchen redo.

  4. Happy anniversary! We're still talking about the things yet to do/renovate, more than two years in. But as always, budgets must be obeyed. Plenty of time.

  5. Congrats! It doesn't even seem like a year to me. Goes by quickly.

  6. Self service DOG wash??? Really? Snerk... Definitely Colorado...

  7. Yeah, this is definitely dog country besides horse country!

    I remember seeing "Mobile Dog Detailing" services in L.A., but never a dog wash....


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