Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Uh Oh....Looks Like Blogger "Burped" Again....

Hmm....lost all the recent post updates that show under everybody's blog title, and when I got to one of your sites, it's just a strange looking "index" type of page.

Wonder what the NSA is "secretly" embedding in the code.....

AND...two minutes later everything is fine again.....


  1. Blogger hiccup, I think. I had the same thing yesterday. Seems to happen every couple of months or so.

  2. I had a similar thing, about an hour ago. My blogroll went from titles & dates of updates, to just the alphabetical list of titles. I reloaded the page & it was fixed. But still ... weird.

  3. Earlier today one of the blogs I follow would show. Rebooted everything and they came back.

  4. Experienced the same thing. Had me concerned for a moment.

  5. When I get that 'hiccup', all I get is blogger telling me to add some blogs. I usually have to reload it three or four times before I get anything.

    It does get annoying!

  6. It is not a hiccup. It is those darn leprechauns. I have one in my house. The little rascal makes things disappear never to be found plus he messes up my computer.

  7. Leprechauns? Blaming it on Irish?


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