Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Nobody at My Polling Place

Except the workers.

The lady there who took my mail-in ballot, marked it "VOID", and gave me a new one said the turnout was extremely light for this election.

And I saw one sign for Shillary in the neighborhood, and a clapped-out POS car with a "Fuck Trump" sticker on it.

Not quite what I'd expected in this mini "Diversity City" part of town.


  1. No matter what, I expect that Her Satanic Majesty will win California. It only makes sense.

  2. Sad that it makes sense, but undoubtedly true. I would expect Oregon and Washington State, as well.

    Be safe and may God bless us all.

  3. Kommiefornia has been a one-party state for what, the last 20~25 years?

  4. My precinct wasn't crowded but it sure wasn't that empty. Short lines, like one or two people. No hassles. This is a reliably red county. South Florida is the problem.

  5. Kommiefornia has been like that for WAY too many years...


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