Saturday, November 26, 2016

More Rain

Which is cool because drought!

It started an hour or so ago as a light sprinkle, and now it's a genuine RAIN storm. It's under .1" as of a few seconds ago when I checked my weather station, but NOAA says it should continue most of the day.

Good news for the Central Valley area where a lot of farming is done. We didn't have any reported mudslides from the last storms that came through, but if this one dumps a lot of rain that might just change.

And the little Airspy SDR radio just keeps plugging along. I did some monitoring of the APT Weather Satellites, and although I didn't save the audio files to convert them to images, I saw NO signs of strong-signal "breakthrough" like I did with the USB dongles I was using.

If you're looking for a Software Defined Radio receiver that's far better than the $25 dongles, this one gets my vote.

And I've tried almost all of them....


  1. Glad to hear California is being blessed with some rain. I hope the people of California remember to thank Him.
    I pray for California to get rain now and then, I will thank God for listening, too.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. And evidently I'm getting blamed for bringing California's drought to Tennessee. You just can't make everybody happy, man.

  3. No, can't.

    Or is that "cain't" down your way?


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