Friday, January 22, 2016

Background Checks?

Found this over at Miss Lisa's blog.

It's funny, true, and very sad, all at the same time....


  1. It's this very type of thing that makes ordinary Americans so furious at the government.

    It's a lot like Mohammed Ali Abdullah Bwazir, the prisoner at Gitmo who doesn't want to leave now...cable TV, new work out center, tropical climate, vast library in Arabic, customized meals delivered hot three times a day.

    If they gave me a bit larger cell, bandwidth, the Marine Corps rifle range privileges
    and conjugal Cuban hookers on demand, I'd take the cell myself - there are times that freedom is overrated.

  2. I completely agree with you LL as well as with drjim....the same can be said for our penal system...I remember about 23 years or so ago, I was a single mom, working for a school district, on salary. I read an article about what it cost to house 1 amazed me, that it cost more to house 1 prisoner that I made to support myself and 2 sons...but then we were not certain to have cable, or air conditioning, heat, or even food for that matter, and lets not speak of armed guards for made me crazy...It was a major eye opener for my soap box...and it is worse today..just sayin. Oh and by the by...we always had heat and air, and food..we did alright....but we did not live on a good side of town, even though I owned home...(as much as one can) we could have used the security of armed


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