Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rain, Day 1......

Well, it's been raining here since a little before 0800, about five hours, and we've received .9".

No signs of the yard getting saturated here yet, and the storm sewers are keeping the streets clear, at least in our little neighborhood.

It stopped raining about 5 minutes ago, so I'm going to grab the dog, and toss her out in the back yard as she hasn't gone outside since about 0200.

She'll go outside to do her business if it's raining and she's been inside for 8 hours or so, but she starts getting really "antsy" by that time.

At least she's really good about letting me wipe her paws off before she goes back inside......


  1. Rain has to seem welcome, but animals can be funny about it. Glad your storm sewers are keeping up, too; we don't have any.

    1. Well, at least she lets me wipe her paws off before she's allowed back in the house.

      When Coco was here, you DID NOT touch her paws!

  2. We've had enough rain here in the last two weeks to last us a long while. Cold and dry would be ok with me. I have a spring that bubbles up out of the ground on my land. Right now, it's still just gushing, more water pouring out of it than I have ever seen before.

    1. I had the scanner running most of the day, and there were quiet a few downed power lines and trees.

      We didn't have much wind, so I'm at a loss as to why....possibly people running off the road and into things!

  3. At least she doesn't categorically refuse to go out in the rain...LOL


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