Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How You Speak Reveals Where You're From

As if we all didn't know this.

Jeffro over at the Poor Farm found this, and it nailed my hometown so close it's scary!

For some reason when I copied the image it left the cities off, but the darkest red around and a bit South West of where Chicago is is where I grew up.

Yep, I knew "Joilet Jake" and his bother Elwood......


  1. I took the quiz and my results placed my accent in San Antonino, TX, or Jackson MS. Fact is, I grew up in Long Beach and Venice, CA. I guess I had a lot of country influence from somewhere. Both my parents were born in Los Angeles. Weird.

  2. Mine was not too far off. Modesto/Stockton/Santa Rosa. Grew up in Orange County, but it looks like my NorCal days played a large influence. If they added in one more question they could have pinned me down.

    Hella Cool, or just cool. That will place you NorCal or Socal.

  3. Mine put me in the ARKLATEX which is where I grew up :-)

  4. Put me in AZ. i grew up in OK.


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