Monday, October 21, 2013

Really Beat.....Overdid It This Weekend


Spent 9 hours (in the sun)  on the Iowa Saturday, and then spent 8 hours at the Cabrillo Aquarium "Sea Fair" on Sunday where my club had an exhibit.

Ran the same setup I did on the Iowa, and it worked equally well, but the band conditions were better, with 12 and 10 Meters being "wide open" all day.

Got home early from work today (had trouble staying awake!) at 1500, and went face-down on the pillow for a couple of hours.

At least I'm feeling like doing stuff again, but still have to pace myself a bit better.

And I was planning on getting back to work on the Yaesu FT-726, and then a friend called with a blown out PC and wanted to know if I still had one for sale.

Out to the garage to get the one I built, bagged, and boxed a few months ago that nobody wanted.

I built it out of the leftovers I had in the PC I use to run my FlexRadio Systems Software Defined Radio after I upgraded that machine, so it's got plenty of horsepower, but suffered a bit in the internal "latency" department.

2206 here, and time to hit the hay.

Goodnight, everybody!


  1. Sounds like a busy time; take seriously that admonition to pace yourself, even if you did say it yourself.

  2. Yep, pacing... You needz to learn it...


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