Saturday, October 5, 2013

Elecraft KAT100 Automatic Antenna Tuner Update

Well, after spending some time winding the toroids (Somewhere here I have a "Tirade on Toroids" since it's not one of my favorite things to do), I installed all the relays (the black cubes) that select the components needed to match the antenna to 50 Ohms , and then mounted the toroids, and soldered them down.

All the resistance checks on the board passed with flying colors, and this board is now ready to move on to the "Final Assembly" stage, where the few remaining mechanical parts and connectors will be added.

I also finished the Front Panel board, which mainly has the indicator LED's, and some Octal Drivers for powering the LED's.

So, on to one of my favorite sections of the Assembly Manual, "Final Assembly"!

Now I get to mess around with mounting the SO-239 RF connectors, and assembling all the bits and pieces that make up the enclosure.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. We're under Santa Ana conditions here, with wind gusts in excess of 20MPH, even here in The LBC.


  1. Ah, man, you messed up that third thingy from the left next to the black box....

    Seriously, you do some fine work.

  2. I always loved board level work. It was fun and mostly relaxing.

  3. I used to love that stuff, too ... I wonder whatever happened to that hobby?

    Oh, right: work, kids, home school, and did I mention work? :)


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