Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seatrain - "Song of Job"

For some reason, I think all Patriots these days might relate to this.

Or maybe not.......

Hear now the tale of Job, a righteous man, who had a loving wife,
And ten sons and seven daughters. His fields were always ripe
With wheat and corn. He had ten thousand camels and five thousand sheep
And three thousand head of oxen. At sunrise
You would find him on his knees singing, "Yahweh Yehoa".
Well, one day in the court of heaven,
All the heavenly host were gathered there in the presence of the Lord,
And Satan was there among them.

Satan went to God, and God said, "Satan, Where you been?"
Satan said, "I been on Earth, among men."
God said, "You must have seen my faithful servant, Job.
You must have seen his worth and how he's evil's foe."
Job is evil's foe. Yes, he is.

Satan said, "Well, yes, God, Job is your man.
But if you struck him, God, well, what would he do then?
He'd turn his back on you and curse your name right to your face."
God said, "Allright, Bub, go and test his faith --
Go and try Job's faith."

"O my God, O my God," cried poor Job.
"I have lost everything I owned.
I lost my cattle, I lost my land.
You took my children, too.
I'm losin' my mind and the love of my wife,
But I keep my faith in You.
I still have faith in You.

"O my God, O my God," can't you hear Job?
He's singin', "This world can no more be my home.
My so-called friends speak biting words,
Telling me what to do.
My health is gone, I cannot rest,
But I keep my faith in You.
I still have faith in You."

And Job's friends, they called to one another,
"Brothers! Righteous Job has fallen.
Come, let us go and give him what we can."
Long, long they journeyed until they found Job
In the ashes of his burned-out farm.
And they sat down with him for seven days and nights in silence,
For they saw that he had suffered greatly.
But at last they could hold back no longer,
And with accusing fingers pointed at him they said,
"Oh, Job, what evil have you done to bring God's wrath upon you?"
And at this time, down the road comes Elihu,
What took one look and thought he had the whole scene covered!

That young man lectured Job until Job's poor heart near broke,
And from the whirlin' wind, God Himself spoke,
Sayin', "Who're these who claim to know my workings and all my ways?
Job has proved his faith and shall live joyous days."
Yes, Job lived joyful days. Oh, yes, he did


  1. Now you've got me reading Jog again... Thanks.

  2. Never heard that one before, thanks for posting it. Linked over from the feral irishman btw.

  3. I think that was the first Seatrain song I ever heard on the radio, and I bought the album as soon as I could get to the record store.
    Still have a copy on vinyl, and one of these days I'll digitize it and burn a CD.


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